Progress on a simple summer sweater

Post by Sarah
Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Well, I don’t know about this whole “knitting is the new yoga” thing.  I myself feel that knitting is the new tae kwon do.  No wait, I think I mean that tae kwon do is the new knitting.  No, that doesn’t make sense either.  Maybe I just mean that tae kwon do is my new knitting.  Oh, hell, just forget it.  (I do have to say, however, that I find more stress relief from punching and kicking and yelling than I ever did from the Downward Dog.  My Dog was plagued by the fact that I am a heavy sweater, even while doing yoga, and my sweaty palms would habitually start to slide away from me, making my Dog look more like a Downward Inchworm as I tried hard to hold onto the damn thing.)

On the knitting front, I am continuing to plug away on the Simple Summer Sweater:

eyelet rib sweater progress

I have gotten up to the point at which I switched to a straight 5×2 rib.  You can see the side waistline shaping up above, and here is a closeup:

eyelet rib detail

You can see where I’m increasing back out to the bust measurement.  Now the question is whether or not to include short-row bust darts, and where to put them.  Big Girl Knits recommends starting the beginning of your bust darts at the level of your bra band.  I’ll have to think about that a bit.  My standard practice up until now has been to place the bust darts about 1 1/2 inches below the underarm bindoff. 

Ellen, I can’t believe you own some Alchemy yarn and you hadn’t told me!  And I thought we were close!  Have you been holding out on me about other things as well?

That stuff is seriously gorgeous.  (Actually, I just like to say it:  “Alchemy Yarns of Transformation.”  Not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds pretty cool.  Maybe I could adopt something similar as my own personal motto:  “Sarah Woman of Transformation.”  I realize that sounds a bit like I am a werewolf or shapeshifter, but no matter.)

To finish today, a somewhat gratuitous picture of Hugo hanging out in the armchair:

Hugo in the chair

 What a sweetie.

5 Responses to “Progress on a simple summer sweater”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Sarah, Woman of Transformation,
    That sweater looks beautiful! It looks like you’ve tamed the gauge difficulties.

    As far as the gratuitous picture of Hugo goes, well, didn’t someone famous once say, “The man who is tired of pictures of my dog is tired of life?”

  2. Sarah Says:

    Why, thanks! I finished the short row bust darts today and am getting close to dividing for the armholes. I may actually be able to wear it this summer.

  3. lorinda Says:

    Would you please kiss that dog right on the beak for me right now? He’s gorgeous! (All creatures in my life have beaks because it’s a funny word.)

    And from your previous post, I will laugh all the days of my life when I think of you yelling timber in yoga class. For some reason, it’s even funnier when I know it was in Berkeley.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Thanks, Lorinda! I’m pretty much in love with my dog, too, even though he has his faults like the rest of us. I got him from the animal shelter, and although there were better-looking (at the time he looked pretty rough) dogs there, I just fell in love with him.

  5. Fiberfool Says:

    Could you tell me how to make a bust dart on each half of a cardigan?

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