Days one and two

Days one and two:  Saturday and Sunday, January 22-23, 2011.

This weekend I worked on a cross-stitch project that I started last summer.  It’s called “Raspberry Lemonade,” and is a design by artfulstitches on etsy.  . 

I really like this woman’s designs, and this is a very nice chart.  I have been eyeballing her other mandala designs ever since I purchased this one last summer.  Like many cross-stitch charts and knitting patterns found online now, this is sent as a pdf file to your email account after you purchase it.

I enjoy the way this chart is actually fairly simple and uses comparatively few colors (few enough to make this a portable project) but looks complicated.  Another nice thing about this design is that, because of its basic geometric design, I don’t have to constantly look at the chart.

Another, closer view:

My goal is to have this project be my first monthly finish of the year.  I’d like to have it done by Feb. 15, 2011.  I’ve decided that since I started by year-long project a little late in January, my goal date for monthly completions is going to be the 15th of each month.

Today:  more work on Raspberry Lemonade.

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