Days four and five

Days four and five:  Tuesday and Wednesday, January 25 and 26, 2011.

Not too much to report.  Slow progress on Raspberry Lemonade.

I’m thinking I may change things up a bit this weekend and do some knitting.  The question is, what to work on?  The afghan?  The socks?  The baby blanket?  The shawl(s)?  Hmmmmm……

On the other hand, I have some other cross-stitch projects that would be fun to work on as well.  One of them is a two-color project from Artecy called Rabbit, based on a William Morris design.  I’m finding this restful because it is only two colors, so the amount of thinking I have to do is limited to the actual counting of stitches.  And then, of course, once I get the one color stitched, all I have to do is fill in the other color in the empty spots–no looking at the chart at all!

Clearly, I’m in initial stages with this project.  I’m stitching this on an 18-count linen in a dusky blue-grey.  I chose different colors than those in the pattern, and they are rather unconventional–a dark russet brown, and a light mauve-y pink that I really have no name for.  I think that together they look complicated and unexpected, especially combined with the blue-grey fabric.  I’m hoping I will still think so at the ending stages after putting in hours of stitching!

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