I’m Ellen.

And I’m Sarah.

And we’re the Knit Sisters! Welcome to our blog. For several months now, we have been concerned about apparent dearth of knitting blogs written by sisters, or what we call “The Sister Gap.” So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to fill this obvious need. What, you may ask, qualifies us to render this service?

Oh, let us count the ways…

1. We are actual, biological sisters. Although we hasten to add that we consider all knitters our metaphysical and spiritual sisters and brothers!

2. Those of you with children may feel heartened to know that now that we are 35 and 38 years old (respectively), we’ve finally stopped quarrelling and are ready to launch a joint project.

3. We knit. We’ve pretty much always knit, having been born, remarkably, with stitch markers and tiny balls of superwash wool in our little fists. This was all the more astonishing given the fact that our mother DOES NOT KNIT. She claims that she is unable to knit. But more on this highly suspicious claim elsewhere…

4. Sarah spins. Ellen does not. Yet Ellen beholds Sarah’s spinning with appropriate awe and wonder. Ellen also frequently scores major, major stash-enhancing handspun from her sister. She is exceptionally grateful and wonders what she did so right in a previous life to get this lucky.

5. Location. Location. Location. Sarah lives in Missouri and Ellen lives in Massachusetts, so we’re kind of like regional correspondents on knitting and spinning. Or something like that.

6. In spite of the fact that cats are the accepted mainstay domestic animal of knitters, we are dog people. We live in households with cats, so occasionally one will whizz by, entangling itself in our yarn, but we do not as a rule have truck with cats.

No, we feel that dogs are infinitely better knitting companions. You may have heard of “emotional support dogs”? These are highly trained “knitting support dogs”:


and Shelley:

7. We like to write and talk about knitting.

8. We like to write and talk to each other about knitting.

9. We feel it’s time that others got in on this conversation.

10. And as they used to say at the beginning of every episode of The Six Million Dollar Man (we know y’all remember this, too), “We have the technology!” We’ve got computers, we’ve got digital cameras, and we’ve got Alex, Ellen’s fiancé, who generously designed this site and is standing by to bail us out whenever we get in over our heads. Technologically speaking. Thank you, Alex!