Ta da! Sarah’s Simple Summer Sweater now available in bust sizes 34 to 48

Post by Sarah
Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

Sarah modelling the simple summer sweater
S4, aka Sarah’s Simple Summer Sweater
Fits bust sizes: xxs 34-36
(xs 37-39, sm 40-42, med 43-45, lg 46-48)

Link also available under “Free Patterns” in the side bar. For more and larger pictures, click here. For all posts on this sweater and its evolution, click the category “S4: Sarah’s Simple Summer Sweater” in the sidebar.

7 Responses to “Ta da! Sarah’s Simple Summer Sweater now available in bust sizes 34 to 48”

  1. Danielle Says:

    It’s not the difficulty that daunts me… it’s the fact that I already have a summery sweater waiting to be knit! And I’m not that fast. Sheesh. I need to start knitting a season ahead!

  2. lorinda Says:

    You are as fast as the wind, Miss Sarah. Brava! I shall say, when you publish your first pattern book, that I knew you back when. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Deb Says:

    Wonderful!!!! I can hardly wait until you get the larger sizes done- I want to start it!!!!!!! Thank you for your generosity-

  4. Shelda Says:

    Wow, Sarah! That pattern looks very professional! What did you use to draw the diagrams? I want to learn how to do that.

  5. Maureen M in Colo Says:

    Help. I’ve finally got my yarn. I think this is such a pretty sweater! but whn I knit my guage, I get 23-4 stickes for r inches, but twnety four rows, not 34 rows. How can I be off by so much? any ideas what I do?

  6. Margaret Says:

    Looking at your blogs for July and found reference to a book I wrote: Fabric Lover’s Scrapbook. No, it’s no longer in print. It was my very first. (I’m now writing under the name Margaret Allyson.) Anyway, glad to see that you like the book and get some fire from it.
    I can’t knit to save me, but as a (former) weaver and spinner and general fiber fanatic, I really like your site.
    All best wishes,

  7. Knit Sisters » Blog Archive » So many possibilities Says:

    [...]                                                    Reynolds Tiara in a luscious green-blue/teal color.  Loyal blog readers please note:  this is the same yarn I used for Sarah’s Simple Summer Sweater, only of course in a different color.  Pretty, but perhaps not very baby-ish. [...]

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